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ig here's a role compendium for now just for easy reference. these will be based on what I personally perceive to be at least usable:

Entry Hazard Setters

Stealth Rock:
:sandaconda: :piloswine: :rhydon: :shuckle: :crustle: :drednaw: :golurk: :ferroseed: :stonjourner: :stunfisk-galar: :mawile: :clefairy: :lunatone: :solrock: :mawile: :sudowoodo:

Spikes: :accelgor: :garbodor: :crustle: :qwilfish: :ferroseed: :pincurchin: :roselia: :glalie:

Toxic Spikes: :accelgor: :garbodor: :qwilfish: :pincurchin: :cofagrigus: :mareanie: :roselia:

Sticky Web: :orbeetle: :shuckle: :vikavolt:

Entry Hazard Removal

:gurdurr: :vullaby: :unfezant: :noctowl:

Rapid Spin: :hitmonchan: :hitmontop:

Setup Sweepers

Swords Dance:
:toxicroak: :rapidash-galar: :silvally:(primarily fairy, dark probably is good) :leafeon: :drednaw: :kingler: :qwilfish: :ninjask: :beartic: :solrock:

Nasty Plot: :toxicroak: :cofagrigus: :thievul: :rotom-frost: :rotom-fan: :skuntank:

Bulk Up: :gurdurr: :scrafty: :hitmonchan:

Calm Mind: :musharna: :duosion: :hattrem: :orbeetle: :drampa: :lunatone: :slurpuff:

Quiver Dance: :butterfree: :bellossom:

Other: :mantine:(rain dance) :falinks:(no retreat) :slurpuff:(cotton guard) :scrafty:(dragon dance) :crustle:(shell smash) :eiscue:(belly drum) :dubwool:(cotton guard body press) :klinklang:(shift gear) :malamar:(contrary superpower) :type null:(iron defense + sd) :kingler:(agility)


:cinccino: :rapidash-galar: :garbodor: :rhydon: :perrserker: :toxicroak: :drednaw: :kingler: :golurk: :qwilfish: :stonjourner: :sawk: :sneasel: :gourgeist:(small)

Special: :mantine: :accelgor: :vikavolt: :jolteon: :rotom-fan: :toxicroak: :rotom-frost: :haunter: :abomasnow: :ludicolo: :skuntank: :heatmor:

Mixed: :arctozolt: :arctovish:

Revenge Killers

Choice Scarf: :rapidash-galar: :unfezant: :toxicroak: :haunter: :silvally:(normal) :togedemaru: :rotom-fan: :rotom-frost: :sawk:

Priority: :gurdurr: :piloswine: :toxicroak: :trapinch: :hitmonchan: :qwilfish: :skuntank: :sneasel: :diglett:

Generally Fast Pokemon: :cinccino: :accelgor: :jolteon: :ninjask: :sneasel:


Physical: :sableye: :gurdurr: :garbodor: :piloswine: :sandaconda: :hitmontop: :cofagrigus: :qwilfish: :dubwool: :stonjourner: :mawile: :musharna:

Special: :mantine: :type null: :clefairy: :roselia: :mareanie: :noctowl: :togedemaru: :scrafty: :flareon: :malamar:

Mixed: :rhydon: :appletun: :ferroseed: :pyukumuku: :vullaby:


Arena Trap:
:trapinch: :diglett:

Suicide Leads

:crustle: :shuckle: :drednaw:(with head smash) :sudowoodo: :glalie:


:cinccino: :unfezant: :silvally:(fairy, normal, dark, maybe some others) :togedemaru: :perrserker: :vullaby: :ninjask: :orbeetle:

Volt Switch: :vikavolt: :jolteon: :rotom-fan: :rotom-frost: :manectric:

Parting Shot: whatever silvally formes decide to run support sets with it ig lol


:unfezant: :clefairy: :slurpuff: :togedemaru: :flareon:

Aromatherapy: :roselia: :clefairy: :slurpuff:

keep in mind of course that this is all just speculation; several of the Pokemon I listed here are probably not going to be viable in the long run, but these are what, to me, seem like could have some niche in the tier. it's also important to remember that we likely won't have all of these Pokemon come NU Alpha's release; I really do not see us keeping Toxicroak and Silvally-Fairy, for instance. regardless, the "tier" has been fun to mess around with so far, and I really can't wait for Pokemon Home to drop and give us better forms of hazard removal..
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Minor nitpick, this thing does get Nasty Plot, making it that much more of a threat. Its defenses aren't great, but its Special Attack is usable and its movepool is wide enough to cover the things that it wants to hit. Dual Dance sets are looking like an option for it (same for Solrock), but it's most likely going to get overshadowed by the likes of Sandaconda, Rhydon, Piloswine and Drednaw as a Stealth Rock setter.

My favourite gimmick this gen. With the few defensive Steels in the tier, Icicle Crash + Liquidation seems sufficient for the tier. But, it's still a bad gimmick and there are many priority attackers to stop it's sweep cold. Still a fun mon to play with.

The Ninjask dilemma: You are in the teambuilder, preparing to climb up the ladder against the myriads who are looking to crush you down. The doubters, the haters and the bullies. You are embarking on a mission to prove them all wrong, that you are worthy to take a place in the upper echelons of NU. But before you embark, you have to prepare yourself. What will you bring? Heavy-duty Boots? Surely, this will aid in your survival, but alas, you will lack the breaking power and they will undoubtedly mock you. Perhaps a Choice Band would suffice? But the bullies with their cruel rocks will then stop at nothing to cut you down, and despite the immeasurable boost to your strength, your maximum potential is still out of reach. These items are limiting, what if you forego them instead? Your Acrobatics will be stunning and deadly, and all will quiver in their boots at the sight of your menacing display. But alas, you will inevitably fall short, for you have neither protection nor immediate power to quell your foes. Going on such a route is a gamble, like a dance with swords. Deception is key in such risky situation, but you best hope they don't call your farce.

Also, scarf Unfezant and Rotom-Fan exist to ruin your day, so yeah.

Yo, this thing CHOMPS. Tough Jaws is cool and all, but what is a Hitmontop to a LO HEADSMASH (35-42% apparently, which is a decent chunk). Liquidation intimidates and punishes all those other pesky "rockers" that dare stand in your way. To your good friend Ferroseed, Superpower. Love this thing on offense.

Honestly think this thing is busted. Multi Attack is busted.
Here are two pokes I feel can be really good atm

86 SpA with Giga Drain + Mystical fire let's hat mini keep hazards off. Max Speed max SpA modest nature lets this two hit KO most rockers, and the combo of eviolite boosted bulk and giga drain recovery lets it 1v1 almost every rocker that looks viable, including rhydon (the mon I predict will be tier king). It can't switch into much but the momentum gained from bouncing hazards than threatening the 1v1 is incredible.

This has the juicy steel typing, passable bulk, great tough claws boosted coverage and stab off a decent 110 attack stat, and slow U-Turn. With an AV, this looks like a great glue mon, emergency check, and sticky breaker.

Also, a note on silvally. All the good forms: dragon, fairy, steel, water, electric, ground, normal, dark, and ghost will probably stay RU, so assume that the best forms will not be for NU to play with.


Banned deucer.

If You run max HP final Gambit ninjask You You instant KO everything base 92 hp+4 evs and lower

326 is a very easy range to beat down a sweeper/wall You might not be able to switch Your breaker into and of course it goes with u-turn spam as the ultimate non priority/TR speed check(can still soft check both with protect).

I really think when faster threats and sweepers pop up, they'll lose to the combo of night slash and final Gambit as a blanket check for certain metagames

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